Getting control of Rodents can vary depending on the degree of infestation.

Rats and mice are notorious disease carriers. They contaminate food and homes with their feces and urine, they are incontinent and leave urine trails as they roam. Infestations can be common in households and if left unattended can become a serious health issue. Some contributing factors for these unwelcome guests moving in are:

Winter: Rodents like the warm and will actively seek out cosy nooks in your home when that temperature begins to drop. Resulting in chewing insulation, paper, wood and electricals to make their nest and breed. This can be an extremely expensive problem to rectify if left to long and serious damage to main lines and appliance can be done.

Construction: Whether it be to your home or simply a home on your street, these actions will disturb rodents and they will seek out sanctuary.....usually in your house !! When their nests are disrupted they will immediately scatter ( this would be when your attention is brought to the fact that there are rodents about as you will see them very active and on the run ) . Basic gardening: You wouldnt think it would have such an effect but like construction any disturbance or demolition of their nests will lead to them seeking out a new home. Whether that be your garage, roof voids or even wardrobe !!


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The Brown Rat ( sewer rat ) can sometimes be known as climbers but mostlu prefer ground dwelling and burrowing. With only 10-12 weeks from birth to their sexual maturity. They have 7-8 young per litter and between 3-6 litters per year.

These statistics show you that without the proper care taken or treatments provided its more than easy for your home to become overrun !

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  • Sylvia Horvath

    Reliable and immensely thorough with eradicating pests. We will be using Blackwater Pest in the future and would highly recommend to friends and family.

    Sylvia Horvath
  • Karoline Palmer

    Daniel came out today to check out my 'termite' problem. I was unsure if they were or weren't and was more than happy to pay a call out fee for him to work out what it was. It wasn't but Daniel refused to take any payment for his services, even though he had to use his own petrol/time/knowledge to come and make the actual ID. Very informative, prompt (came out a few hours after I made the call, arriving at exactly the time he said he would). If you're old fashioned knowledgeable service that won't cost the earth (ah, in this case, far from it..), use this company. if there was a sixth star I'd add it. Many thanks.

    Karoline Palmer
  • Kirsty Carpenter

    I appreciate the service I got from blackwater pest management. Daniel came and serviced the property at an affordable price and explained potential problems areas and things we could do to prevent reinfestation. I throughly recommend this pest control company to everyone and anyone who wants affordable pest control solutions with experience.

    Kirsty Carpenter
  • Sylvia Fahy

    Friendly and Fabulous service. I had a massive white ant problem. They didn't give up until every last one was eradicated. Very reasonable price and very reliable. Thanks to Danny and his team.

    Sylvia Fahy
  • photo

    Daniel from Blackwater pest management was not only efficient, friendly helpful, reasonably priced, he and his team are very professional, courteous and knowledgable. They arrived when they said they would and advised me the best treatments for my situation. I couldn't recommend Them higher. They Will definitely be making them my go to Pest Management company from now on.

    Jo-Anne Montgomery

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