The Blue Mountains make a perfect place for a weekend getaway. Unless you already live there, in which case your whole life is a weekend getaway. But, there is a downside to the beautiful scenery that makes up the Blue Mountains National Park. More than a stunning example of natural beauty, the Blue Mountains also make the perfect home for all sorts of bed bugs, vermin and backyard pests. When your home offers a plentiful supply of food, warmth and shelter and those creatures of the wild might end up moving in with you for good. When it comes to pest control, Blue Mountains residents turn to Blackwater Pest Management. Here’s what to keep an eye out for.

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With close to 270,000 hectares of national park, the Blue Mountains are home to a variety of snakes. From the Eastern Brown snake to the Red Bellied Black snake, there’s nothing that ruins a Barbecue quite like an uninvited guest slithering in the backyard. Under the 1992 Nature Conservation Act it is illegal to kill snakes. On top of that, it is highly dangerous to try. If you’ve encountered snakes then it’s best to call a Blackwater Pest Management expert. We are the snake catcher Blue Mountains homes call. Our team of experienced and accomplished snake catchers will come to you quickly, identify your unwanted guest and remove it safely so you can get back to enjoying your day.


Unlike pest control for Blue Mountain snakes, termites are not nearly as obvious. Eating the timber within your home, termites consume the interior of your homes wooden structure, leaving a thin layer of timber to maintain the levels of humidity and temperature they prefer. This conceals their activity and leaves you in the dark until it’s too late.
We provide total termite control for Blue Mountains families. Not simply treating already affected properties but also providing comprehensive pre purchase inspections for Blue Mountains homes. The only thing worse than investing in a new home, only to find it has severe structural damage, is to have a Barbecue and a bunch of snakes turn up. Don’t get caught out by unwanted infestations. Our team have the latest technology to provide the lasting termite control Blue Mountains residents need.
If you’re looking for a snake catcher in the Blue Mountains or require a professional eye to ensure your Blue Mountains pre purchase inspection goes ahead without trouble, Blackwater Pest Management are the only choice. Reach out and contact us today to speak to our team and see what we could do for you.


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Pest Inspection

Homes located further inland and away from the East Coast will inevitably experience a higher volume of pest control problems than those located in the general CBD. This is due to the expansive landscapes and natural environments. Unfortunately this means that your home is vulnerable to some nasty unexpected guests but with our thorough pest inspection service we’ll find, treat and control any unwanted visitors.

Pest Control

Mites, roaches, rats, possums and snakes - you name it, we treat it! With such a diverse amount of pest species it is important to choose a pest control business that understands which method of pest control works best for your unique problem. Here at Blackwater we’re locally trained to understand the habitual nature of pests in your area, which means we can ensure the best results. Our experienced professionals will assess each home individually and implement the correct pest control method to suit your home.

Pre-construction Pest Solutions

Moving into a rural area can be quite daunting especially if you’re not aware of the local fauna and how it might affect the construction of your new home. Particular areas of the Blue Mountains can often create an environment susceptible to infestations. We recommend a pre-construction treatment so you can proceed with your projects worry free. Nothing is worse than finding a termite infestation three quarters into a construction project.


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  • Sylvia Horvath

    Reliable and immensely thorough with eradicating pests. We will be using Blackwater Pest in the future and would highly recommend to friends and family.

    Sylvia Horvath
  • Karoline Palmer

    Daniel came out today to check out my 'termite' problem. I was unsure if they were or weren't and was more than happy to pay a call out fee for him to work out what it was. It wasn't but Daniel refused to take any payment for his services, even though he had to use his own petrol/time/knowledge to come and make the actual ID. Very informative, prompt (came out a few hours after I made the call, arriving at exactly the time he said he would). If you're old fashioned knowledgeable service that won't cost the earth (ah, in this case, far from it..), use this company. if there was a sixth star I'd add it. Many thanks.

    Karoline Palmer
  • Kirsty Carpenter

    I appreciate the service I got from blackwater pest management. Daniel came and serviced the property at an affordable price and explained potential problems areas and things we could do to prevent reinfestation. I throughly recommend this pest control company to everyone and anyone who wants affordable pest control solutions with experience.

    Kirsty Carpenter
  • Sylvia Fahy

    Friendly and Fabulous service. I had a massive white ant problem. They didn't give up until every last one was eradicated. Very reasonable price and very reliable. Thanks to Danny and his team.

    Sylvia Fahy
  • photo

    Daniel from Blackwater pest management was not only efficient, friendly helpful, reasonably priced, he and his team are very professional, courteous and knowledgable. They arrived when they said they would and advised me the best treatments for my situation. I couldn't recommend Them higher. They Will definitely be making them my go to Pest Management company from now on.

    Jo-Anne Montgomery

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